For Seek Couture we provided a holistic brand identity for this new company to help it stand out in a competitive industry. After the founder of Seek Couture had her first child, she wanted to pursue a new flexible career in fashion that allowed her to have a better balance between work and family. Using her previous skills as a personal shopper she was able to develop Seek Couture, an online luxury consignment store for new and vintage items.

Before we began developing the brand we first did extensive research in the market. We found that many of Seek Couture’s competitors’ websites had a heavy-handed and unrefined aesthetic that did not align with the luxury items they were selling. Often they focused on “good deals”, leaving other inventory items underemphasized. We wanted Seek Couture to be a tasteful alternative.

We developed a muted color palette and used simple typography to give Seek Couture the gentle and refreshing tone antithetical to its competitors that often scream “sales!” and “price cut!” at their customers. From the website to the business cards, the brand language exudes a sense of poise that is as high-end as the hand-picked items the owner sells.

The brand also had to address how to turn one-time customers into loyal repeat business. We concluded that trust was a major component to this puzzle. Since the buyers cannot physically touch the items before paying for these often-expensive items, we decided to use photography to reflect the authenticity of each designer purse. We created an art direction for the photography that highlights each item and its craftsmanship, ensuring that none of these are fake knockoffs. Since all the items are authenticated, there is no hesitation to take extreme close-ups to show the fine detail work of the leather or the skillfully hand stitched patterns along each purse. With great and detailed photos, potential buyers will be able to trust what they see, thereby associating that trait to the brand as a whole and building long-term relationships with the company.




Art Direction, Identity, Web Development, eCommerce, Packaging


Seek Couture