How does Google fight piracy? Working closely with Google’s legal team and the strategists at enso, we updated their latest legal report, How Google Fights Piracy, to showcase how the company has stepped up to the plate to combat this serious issue.

We took a utilitarian approach to this redesign and reflected Google’s strong stance condemning piracy. The report is practical, with color-coded tabs and page numbers to let readers get to the information they need easily. Footnotes and credits are displayed on the pages they refer to so all related information can be scanned through quickly without the need to thumb back and forth through pages.

Each category’s take away message is scaled up in size and emphasized with a colorful icon to disrupt the sometimes dense and technical content.

Our goal was to demystify the complex inner workings of Google’s battle against piracy and create a report that would be a competent resource for legal experts but also easily digestible for the general public.




Editorial Design, Illustration

Printed Matter