The Ancient Legacy of Palmyra is The Getty Research Institute’s first online exhibition celebrating the once great, multicultural, and advanced civilization of Palmyra. The exhibition explores the ancient city’s history through the lens of 19th century expedition photographer Louis Vignes, and meticulous 18th century etchings from architect, sculptor, painter Louis-François Cassas. Both captured the ruins of Palmyra, and along with various research writings, help tell the story and cement the legacy of Palmyra.

Our architecture of the website started inside of The Getty Research Institute’s special collection room where we were able to tangibly learn and observe from actual artifacts from Palmyra. From there we were able to incorporate the feel and actual design elements from the artifacts into the digital exhibit. We wanted to get up close and personal with the material and talked to curators and historians to make sure we were creating the appropriate design context for the information on each page.

The website hosts 100+ images and 1,000+ words in the writing and captions. Using an investigative approach to this design we were able to incorporate all the pieces of the exhibit in an elegant way that seamlessly takes the viewer through Palmyra’s history.




Getty Research Institute


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